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Japanese Rope Bondage(KINBAKU) Photo


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  2. スポンサー広告

Onawa Asobi In Osaka 2014

At Susumuyoru Club of Osaka, "Onawa Asobi" was held last year.
I also for the second year in a row, I was allowed to cast.

performer:Jes model:Iruka photo:Other

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO6400:F5.0:S1/60
Woman who was possessed by a fox take come to tempt me.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO1250:F5.0:S1/60
Badness is so that it can not be a female fox, I will get stuck in and tied.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO800:F4.5:S1/50
To the suspended, the place where it was stuck.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO500:F4.0:S1/30
I became completely quiet.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO1000:F4.0:S1/40
It should expel the fox, hit with fist heart while chanting the mantra.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO400:F4.0:S1/30
It is fishing upside down, the fox ran away from the body of a woman.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO5000:F5.0:S1/60
In order to cleanse the body of the woman, to pay the unclean in the flame of a candle.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO1000:F4.5:S1/50
When you have finished the fox exorcism was performed by solving the rope and drop off.

EOS Kiss X6i:unknown:ISO1250:F4.5:S1/60
When looking into the face of a woman who had returned to sanity, the woman responded with a smile.

Then, if a woman is or has become, no one knows .......


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private shooting(March 2014)

Busy with bondage show such as shooting bondage event, it was not possible development of your own photos for a while.
It is updated after a long time.
4 months over, I was shelved and was photographed Because it is the end of March.
For the individual shooting, was taken at the hotel in Osaka somewhere but it is part.

performer:Jes model:Iruka photo:Jes

To be fixed so as not to move back to the pillar.

Look ... resigned from moving. Although I do not appear (lol).

And tied to the pillar, it was no longer paralyzed and also tied legs

From the front.

White legs peek from kimono amorous.

I also tie raising the right leg further.

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To perform a lecturer activities in Shishi-nawa-kai performance and activities of the SM bondage live show in and around Osaka. In addition, to address and bondage photos of themselves, also photography of bondage show, etc..
I began bartender as staff of BAR BlackPearl.

I came to enjoy for many years the SM as an individual, but now Tashinamu the SM or photos from time.
Then, so that the rope of lion youth who is I am allowed to work together now is not a restraint of free, I met the modern world KINBAKU is the SM that itself make a rope, follow a path of rope Fascinated now.
With the aim that it will make a world of rope of my own that mixes both the world of rope and the world of SM.

Circa 2008: Begin to taking photographs in SM showcase and SM event.
Circa 2010:Begin to take a bondage photos in private.
Apl 2011:Begin to learn Japanese bondage under Japanese bondage master.
May 2012:Perform a SM showcase at SM&Fetish bar ARCADIA.(OSAKA)
Jun 2013:Perform a SM showcase at ONAWA ASOBI in OSAKA.
Jly 2013:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Sep 2013:Perform a SM showcase JOUMON in KUNKUN at TOKYO.
Oct 2013:Perform a SM showcase at SM&Fetish bar ARCADIA.(OSAKA)
Nov 2013:To perform a workshop trainer of SHISHI-NAWA-KAI
Nov 2013:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Nov 2013:Perform a SM showcase KAN-NAWA at OSAKA.
Feb 2014:Perform a SM showcase Super party born February at OSAKA.
Mar 2014:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Jun 2014:Perform a SM showcase at ONAWA ASOBI in OSAKA 2014.
Jul 2014:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Nov 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "O-nawaAsobi 2014" in RoppongiStudio at TOKYO.
Nov 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "KAN-NAWA" in Beniduru at OSAKA.
Dec 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "Ainme-Song-Night" in witasexutopia at OSAKA.
Jan 2015:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "JYOMON 2015" in OkuboMKStudio at TOKYO.
Jun 2015:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "O-nawa Asobi Osaka 2015" in JoyaClub at Osaka.
Aug 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "ON-BAKU" in O-nishi Photo at Nagoya.
Aug 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "Another World" in BlackPearl at Osaka.
Nov 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "O-nawaAsobi 2015" in Roppongi club at Tokyo.
Jan 2016:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "JOMON" in SPACE ZATSUYU at Tokyo.

All copyrights to us, right of publicity exists in each model photographs on blogs. I will refuse all reprint without permission.

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