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Japanese Rope Bondage(KINBAKU) Photo


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Enjoy the KINBAKU shooting

Around 2016 the end of April, we have a once again personal bondage shooting.

Look at the pictures that are mentioned in Twitter, there is a DM from a woman that I also want to be taken in response to the rope, as a result of a wide variety of talk, was the shooting of the day.
Over time, now beginning to end peaceful shooting.
I could very happily tied shooting.

performer: Jes-Kunimiya model: T-san photo: Jes-Kunimiya

By that want to taste the rope to the skin only made in the hope of her own, now shooting in underwear.
The whole body like a spider's nest is fixed with a rope, it is regrettable that can not show you a dreamy and the facial expression.

On the side of the window, it took taking advantage of the natural light.
With a red rope in black underwear, I was tied to pray for something.

While arm only was tied, again multiplied by the rope on the body, it was defeated in the bed.

And blindfolded, also tied the whole body in the middle of the bed, will continue to secure the body between a rope extending from the bed of the four corners.

The top of the scene, a different angle, below the waist cushion is tenderness (lol)

Folded legs, we copy the photos from the back side.

It raised one arm, so-called "TEPPO SHIBARI".

Because the painful Tied way, Munenawa was committed to fast simple.

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  2. Personal bondage shooting
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To perform a lecturer activities in Shishi-nawa-kai performance and activities of the SM bondage live show in and around Osaka. In addition, to address and bondage photos of themselves, also photography of bondage show, etc..
I began bartender as staff of BAR BlackPearl.

I came to enjoy for many years the SM as an individual, but now Tashinamu the SM or photos from time.
Then, so that the rope of lion youth who is I am allowed to work together now is not a restraint of free, I met the modern world KINBAKU is the SM that itself make a rope, follow a path of rope Fascinated now.
With the aim that it will make a world of rope of my own that mixes both the world of rope and the world of SM.

Circa 2008: Begin to taking photographs in SM showcase and SM event.
Circa 2010:Begin to take a bondage photos in private.
Apl 2011:Begin to learn Japanese bondage under Japanese bondage master.
May 2012:Perform a SM showcase at SM&Fetish bar ARCADIA.(OSAKA)
Jun 2013:Perform a SM showcase at ONAWA ASOBI in OSAKA.
Jly 2013:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Sep 2013:Perform a SM showcase JOUMON in KUNKUN at TOKYO.
Oct 2013:Perform a SM showcase at SM&Fetish bar ARCADIA.(OSAKA)
Nov 2013:To perform a workshop trainer of SHISHI-NAWA-KAI
Nov 2013:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Nov 2013:Perform a SM showcase KAN-NAWA at OSAKA.
Feb 2014:Perform a SM showcase Super party born February at OSAKA.
Mar 2014:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Jun 2014:Perform a SM showcase at ONAWA ASOBI in OSAKA 2014.
Jul 2014:Perform a SM showcase Shouwa KINBAKU in ClubX at OSAKA.
Nov 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "O-nawaAsobi 2014" in RoppongiStudio at TOKYO.
Nov 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "KAN-NAWA" in Beniduru at OSAKA.
Dec 2014:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "Ainme-Song-Night" in witasexutopia at OSAKA.
Jan 2015:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "JYOMON 2015" in OkuboMKStudio at TOKYO.
Jun 2015:Perform a Kinbaku showcase "O-nawa Asobi Osaka 2015" in JoyaClub at Osaka.
Aug 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "ON-BAKU" in O-nishi Photo at Nagoya.
Aug 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "Another World" in BlackPearl at Osaka.
Nov 2015:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "O-nawaAsobi 2015" in Roppongi club at Tokyo.
Jan 2016:Perform a horror & Kinbaku showcase "JOMON" in SPACE ZATSUYU at Tokyo.

All copyrights to us, right of publicity exists in each model photographs on blogs. I will refuse all reprint without permission.

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